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Dear member,

We are currently developing a media story to highlight the dangers of unqualified and often false online health information. This content can be potentially damaging to members of the public, who increasingly are turning to the internet as a first port of call for health advice.

As part of this story, we have enlisted members of the CSP to analyse the 100 most viewed YouTube videos on back pain. We will also be doing a poll with members of the general public to find out where they get their information from, if they check to see if the source is qualified, and whether they have ever made their condition worse by following online advice.

This story is to support the new content up on our website which has been written by members and is accurate, evidence-based and helpful. We want to not only highlight this issue but also to raise the profile of physiotherapists being a trusted source of information and to increase the number of visits to our website.

This survey shouldn't take up more than a a couple of minutes of your time so we would be grateful for your help with it as the more responses we get, the stronger our story will be.

Thanks in advance!


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* 2. What is the impact of that false or misleading information on your patient's condition and mindset?

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* 5. Please give some of the worst examples of the information/advice patients have got from the internet and describe the impact this has had on them.

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