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Patient Survey: Outpatients Video Consultation

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust is now offering online video consultations to our patients in a number of our outpatient services, where your doctor or nurse has identified you as suitable for this type of appointment.

We recognise that travelling to a hospital appointment is not always convenient and can sometimes be costly and time consuming. Video consultations provide an alternative way to attend your hospital appointment, without the inconvenience of travel. Therefore, if you do not need an investigation, blood test or physical examination, your clinician may offer you a video consultation.

Your answers to this survey are extremely important, as they will help us to improve the service we provide at Salisbury. This means that your views will count towards how we improve video consultations in outpatients.

This survey will take you approximately 5 minutes to complete.
Please note: Throughout this survey, we are primarily seeking the views of the person who the outpatient appointment was intended for i.e. the patient.

If you have assisted a relative/ friend/ someone you care for, in attending this appointment today and are completing this survey on behalf of them, then please answer the survey with the views of the patient.

If you are the parent of the patient, then we would welcome both the views of yourself and your child.

By completing this questionnaire you agree to your responses being processed by Survey Monkey in the USA, being accessible to Trust Library staff as administrators of the Survey Monkey account, and being collated, stored and analysed by the Salisbury Dr Doctor Project Team.

To help the Trust comply with Data Protection legislation please do not include any personally identifiable information in any of the comments boxes below.

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* 1. Are you answering this survey on behalf of yourself, as the patient?