Energy Kidz run Holiday Camps and Wraparound Care across the UK.

We are conducting this survey to understand the demand for a Breakfast Club before school, an After School Club and a full day Holiday Camp service onsite.

Breakfast Club running from 7:30am until school start.
Breakfast is included in the approximate price of £5.50 per day (to be confirmed)

After School Club will operate from end of school until 6pm.
A healthy snack is included in the approximate price of £12 per day (to be confirmed)

We are also looking to launch Holiday Camps which would run from 8.30am until 5.30pm which would cost approximately £35.00 per day.

By completing this survey - we will ensure you are informed of any new launch announcements and will provide further information regarding the potential service at your school as a result of this viability study.

Energy Kidz are an Ofsted registered childcare provider; you therefore may be able to subsidise the cost of using an Energy Kidz Ofsted registered club through one of the following:

Childcare Vouchers: we accept all types of childcare vouchers
Tax Free Childcare: we accept Tax Free Childcare.
Working Tax Credit– Nine out of ten families could save up to 80% of childcare costs through Working Tax Credit.
Credit/Debit Card: we accept all types of cards and make no charge for card payments.

For further details of our services, please visit our website:

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