Mapping voluntary sector provision to support young people to engage with ETE

If you work in a voluntary sector organisation whose work supports young people aged 14-18 to engage, or remain engaged in, education, training and employment (ETE), please complete this questionnaire.

The information you provide will be included in a Wales-wide map of voluntary sector provision that supports young people aged 14-18 to engage, or remain engaged in, ETE. At the end of the mapping exercise, each local authority area will be provided with a map of relevant voluntary sector provision operating in their area.

The Welsh Government has commissioned Cordis Bright to undertake this national mapping exercise in order to:

1. Raise the profile of voluntary sector organisations working in this field.

2. Enhance the local provision maps used by lead workers who support young people who are either: a). not in school or further education, employment or training (NEET), or b.) at risk of disengaging from school or becoming NEET.

3. Encourage closer partnership working between the voluntary and public sectors. 

4. Support delivery of the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework to ensure that young people are supported to engage and progress within ETE.  

Prior to completing this questionnaire, please note:
1. Please only complete this questionnaire if you are a voluntary sector organisation. Private companies and local authority provision will not be included in the maps.

2. If you work for an organisation that delivers more than one distinct programme/project, please complete a separate questionnaire for each programme/project. Distinct programmes/projects might include those with different target audiences, eligibility criteria, referral processes, delivery methods and/or intended outcomes.

3. Guidance and example responses are included in italics alongside individual questions.