Survey of EURAXESS institutes WP2

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This survey for EURAXESS institutions aims to capture current activity in academic/business collaboration alongside gaining knowledge of institutional need in this area.

In this survey, the term business refers to any sector that is not academia, so it includes industry, corporations/companies, public sector agencies and government departments (but not their research institutes).

All questions are optional, other than a few (marked with an asterisk*) which are compulsory in order to ensure that different types of users receive the appropriate questions.  It should take approximately 10 minutes to complete the survey.  Please answer every question if you can, but if you cannot then simply move on to the next one.  Your responses will be anonymous and you will not be identified or identifiable in any report that we publish. More information on this can be found at

Thank you for taking the time to contribute. Find out more about EURAXIND.