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Becoming a Full Member of EuRA

Full Membership of the EuRA is open to companies whose commercial activities are related to and whose income is derived from private individuals or corporate bodies for the provision of relocation or services.

A relocation company is deemed to be any such organisation offering a range of services designed to facilitate the mobility of individuals, or groups of individuals and their families. Such services may be delivered in the departure or destination area or both.

Receive assistance from the Association, should this be required. Be entitled to a standard entry on the Association's Website.

Receive the Association's newsletter and/or the e-EuRA newsletter. Those full members geographically based in Europe will have the right to vote at the AGM and stand for election to the EuRA Executive Group.

Be entitled to use the European Relocation Association’s logo on any printed material or in any advertisement.

Be invited to attend any regional, national or international meetings, seminars and conferences.

To adhere to the European Relocation Association’s Rules of Conduct.  Please print your name to sign the copy on the last page.

To have traded as a relocation agent for at least two years, proof of company registration must be supplied.

To complete this application, providing the names and addresses of three customers, for whom work has been carried out in the last 12 months. These clients will be contacted by EuRA for references.

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* 1. General Information

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* 2. Trading Information

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* 3. Referee Number 1

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* 4. Referee Number 2

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* 5. Referee Number 3

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* 6. I/We apply for Full Membership of the European Relocation Association and agree to abide by the rules of conduct and objectives of the EuRA.

I/We declare that my/our income is derived from private individuals and/or corporate bodies and that my/our activities are aimed at providing relocation services and that these services are solely provided in the best interests of my/our clients

I/We hereby indemnify and hold harmless the European Relocation Association against any claims arising from my/our activities

Full Membership will apply once your application is accepted in writing and where payment of the current years subscription has been made.


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* 7. Date


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* 8. Rules of Conduct

1 - Every member shall abide by the objectives and rules of the Association.
2 - Members will abide by the legislation of their home country.
3 - A member shall not seek business or conduct business by improper or illegal means.
4 - Members will always work in the best interest of the clients by whom they are retained.
5 - Members must not bring the European Relocation Association into disrepute.

6 - Members will not misrepresent themselves, or the services they offer, or any subject property, or the European Relocation Association.
7 - Members will not accept instructions from clients whose requirements cannot possibly be met.

8 - Members will maintain regular client contact to keep their clients informed as to progress, lack of progress and action that has been taken.
9 - Any interest in a subject property must be declared to a client from the beginning.
10 - Members will ensure that each client is aware of the terms and conditions upon which the services are being supplied.
11 - All members will indemnify and hold harmless the European Relocation Association against any claims arising from their activities.
12 - When holding client's monies, members will hold such monies in a designated and regulated bank account and will maintain clear records of that account.
13 - Members shall not misrepresent their class of membership nor will they claim membership when their membership has ceased.
14 - Members will accept that any alleged breach of the rules of conduct will be investigated by a Disciplinary Committee. Decisions made by a Disciplinary Committee are binding.
15 - Members will treat all information supplied by clients and customers in confidence.
16 - Members will not act as selling or letting agents.
17 - Members may not accept any commissions without the agreement of the client.

I hereby agree to abide by EuRA's Rules of Conduct:
Signed (Please type your name)

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