Customer service is critical to businesses that are customer facing; ensuring the best customer service could be the difference between a one-off experience and repeat customer experiences.

So far, this is the only dedicated 'customer satisfaction' dashboard score-card focused on 'Caribbean restaurants/eateries', which can be accessed via

We want to hear from you, the customer, as to how you rate the service you received. The list provided is evolving, so if you do not see your restaurant/eatery (take-aways), please write it in the 'Other' box provided; we will then add to the growing list.

We want to hear from you as often as you can, so keep the link to the Customer Feedback and do pass on to your family, friends and colleagues.

We are not asking for your name or any information that would identify who you are; that is not as important as your rating of the service received. Completion time is less than three minutes.

 Looking forward to receiving your responses.

One love.

Karl Murray
Managing Director
FW Business Ltd