Welcome and Thank You

Welcome to the Royal College of Emergency Department Workforce Census England 2023. This census is  RCEM's first England Workforce Census and it has been designed to elucidate any workforce issues, regional variation, and ensure that the College is optimally placed to contribute to workforce planning. This information will then be used to inform ongoing staffing discussions directly with the Government and NHS England. The results may also be useful in local discussions when trying to create new consultant and non-consultant career grade posts.

There is currently insufficient information on the national picture to inform any substantial submission for a change in training numbers. This census alongside other data will be used to inform any submission. We have tried where possible to ask for information not already available elsewhere but there are a couple of data points that will allow cross referencing with these other sources. Please complete all the questions as fully as possible.

Please base all your responses on your departmental staffing positions as at time of response and to the best of your knowledge. 

We understand the time commitment involved in completeing this census submission. We want to highlight to you the value of this task and the data you're providing. In 2020 RCEM published a Scottish Census report which directly led to an expansion of EM medical training places. Earlier this year we pubished the Welsh equivalent and discussions are ongoing regarding expanding places there, with the outcome looking promising. With departments across England struggling with both retention and recruitment, it is vital that we are able to make an evidenced-based case to advocate on your behalf.

Many thanks for all your time and effort in collecting, collating, and entering this information.

Maya Naravi
Vice President (Training), RCEM

Jason Long 
Vice President, RCEM

Adrian Boyle
President, RCEM