Welcome to FEA Outlook

Hello and welcome to a fresh FEA Outlook, Quarter One, 2023.

We'd like to thank all our regular contributors, without you FEA Outlook wouldn't be possible. However, we still need as many FEA members to take part as possible so please share the link and let others know that you have taken part.

FEA Outlook should take no longer than five minutes to complete and the results provide invaluable feedback. 

The anonymous findings influence our strategic output and inform debate. The results are published in trade press where applicable and shared on our social media platforms and FEA.org.uk.

If you haven't taken part in FEA Outlook before...
FEA Outlook assesses the quarterly business performance of FEA members to give a member-centric view of the economy and business performance in relation to the current business climate.

The survey questions do not differ from quarter-to-quarter to allow for effective quarterly comparisons. The questions are reviewed and updated at the end of each 12-month period.
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11% of survey complete.