On Friday 20th September we'll be paying tribute to most dedicated supporters in England & Wales at a special conference convened by the Fans for Diversity campaign, an initiative run by the FSA and Kick It Out, in London. 

We're looking for nominations for the best and brightest supporters among your fanbase who've gone the extra mile to promote the aims of the Fans for Diversity campaign at their club. You can find out more about what we're looking for below.

Categories & Criteria
Awards will be given for activity during the 2018/2019 season in the following areas:

- Premier League 
- Championship 
- League 1 
- League 2 
- National Game 
- Women's Game 
- Free Kick Award – where the group or project is not linked to a specific or league. 

Nominations close on 31st August 2019 and shortlisted nominees will be contacted after 2nd September 2019. The winners will form the shortlist for the overall Fans For Diversity Award at the FSA awards in December. 

Types of events or projects
These can be small or large, single events or ongoing groups or projects and could include:

- Arranging a meeting for fans to hear and discuss diversity and inclusion, either in general or a specific area
- Running a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook account etc. or other media campaign
- Engaging with fans by means of t-shirts, badges and other promotional activities
- Starting a group to help encourage fans from a protected characteristic* to meet, share or to be encouraged to attend football or be involved in football. (*age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion /belief, sex, sexual orientation) 
- Projects or activities challenging discrimination/ promote inclusion
- Projects or events that seek to improve the match day experience of fans with a diversity or inclusion theme. 
- Projects that encourage or improve accessibility or attendance at a football match considering a diversity or inclusion theme. 

Criteria for judging winners

The nominations will be judged on several criteria including:

- Match Day visibility
- Impact on social and other media
- Building relationships within the local community and supporters 
- Building relationships between underrepresented communities and a football club 
- Challenging or addressing discrimination in a positive, creative and effective way. 
- Engaging new supporters/ re-engaging supporters to your Club 

Judges may also consider the size and scale of a group, its available resources and the level of help and support from other organisations, the barriers overcome, creativity and the reach and impact of any group or project. If you need any further help with your nomination please email anwar.uddin@thefsa.org.uk or maria.horner@thefsa.org.uk.

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* 7. In no more than 500 words tell us about the person, group or project you are nominating and why you think they should be commended by the Fans for Diversity campaign (include any hyperlinks to images or articles if you feel necessary):