Thank you for taking part in CPM’s quest to find the 2021 UK arable Climate Change Champion.

There are nine contenders who have been featured in CPM throughout this year. They’ve explained their achievements in four core areas:

· Innovative ideas – inspirational practices or novel thinking that help the journey towards Net Zero.

· Productivity push – delivering the same output or more using fewer resources, or working smarter and more sustainably.

· Cultivation care – building soil organic matter and locking carbon into the land.

· Bio-based boldness – measures or activities that positively displace the causes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions elsewhere in society.

Please go to the Climate Change Champions page on the CPM website to see the summary for each of our nine arable pioneers. Then give each farmer a score on the form on the next page for the four criteria where 5 is highest and 1 is lowest. Follow the links to see their achievements in full.

All scores received on and before 1 November will be added up and the farmer with the highest total will be awarded Climate Change Champion 2021 – look out for the announcement on the CPM website and in the December 2021 issue of CPM.
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