As part of World Homelessness Day, which falls on the final day of Libraries Week 2021, The Reading Agency and Libraries Connected are collecting information and examples of best practice for the ways libraries can support access to books and services for people with no fixed abode. The information will be used to better understand existing support and areas of need across the sector, beginning with a virtual panel discussion on Friday 8 October to share best practice and discuss how we can work together to remove barriers to reading and libraries for this vulnerable community. 

Please note your responses may be used as examples in the panel discussion and within the follow up resource that will be made available after the session. 

'People with no fixed abode' includes those who are: 

 * ‘Statutorily’ homeless 
* Rough sleepers 
* People temporarily staying with friends and family (e.g., couch-surfing or otherwise referred to as the ‘hidden homeless’) 
* People sleeping in temporary accommodation, hostels and shelters

If you have any questions, please get in touch with

Question Title

* 1. Please describe examples of any offers, projects or initiatives your library service has run to deliver support and access to those with no fixed abode, noting any key partners you worked with and whether the work is currently running?

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* 2. What do you see as the key challenges of public libraries reaching and supporting people with no fixed abode?

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* 3. What have been your key successes in supporting this community, and what works well in your experience?