Welcome to Food Teachers Centre Community Survey

Dear Food Teacher,
The Community has been going for 10 years and developed successfully beyond anything we ever imagined.  But our success is anecdotal taken from what you tell us and some evaluation evidence of our events.  As a team of unpaid volunteers we want to make sure that the community continues to be what teachers need.  To do so, we would like your feedback.  In addition, so that we can gain the support of others and bring you more programmes and resources, we often need to prove that what we do is effective for teachers, so this survey will give us valuable insights and statistics to take to partners.

No school or teacher will be identified from any information or comments.  Your personal information will be kept securely.

There are 30 questions, taking about 15 minutes, so we do appreciate your time in filling it in.

Best wishes
Food Teachers Centre team

If you have any further comments of queries, please do not hesitate to get on contact via our website www.foodteacherscentre.co.uk