Welcome to the Global Family Office Report - Regional Edition - Survey

Welcome to the Global Family Office Report - Regional Edition - 2021 survey. This survey, eight years running, is the world's most significant research on family offices. It covers a wide range of important topics such as family office investments, costs, governance, philanthropy, impact investing and risk management.
The survey is designed to track family office changes over time, to ensure that we can build a detailed picture of how trends evolve. With that said, we are doing something different this year. To offer more granular analysis, we will be producing regional reports with a global overlay, so that family offices can better understand their peers within their own region. We are also targeting strictly single and private multi-family offices this year.
To ensure the survey runs smoothly, the responses you give dictate how the survey unfolds. This means that you will only answer questions that are relevant to you, thereby reducing the completion time. The survey takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. We have designed it so you do not have to complete it in one sitting. If you use the same device, you can stop and go back to where you left off by simply re-clicking on the link provided. 

We really believe the effort is worth it. We only ask questions that family offices are interested in and the more data you provide us with, the more insightful the findings will be. This will enable you to use the report to keep your family office at the forefront of the field.

All the data provided is treated as strictly confidential, and is anonymised and aggregated before it is used in any way. 
Your participation also qualifies you to receive a complimentary copy of the report after its publication. 
We appreciate your participation in the survey. If you would like to speak directly to the research team before or during completion, please contact us at research@campdenwealth.com. We are happy to help.
Thank you for your valuable contribution -
Dr. Rebecca Gooch
Senior Research Director
Campden Wealth
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