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Have you or anyone else you care for or work with received mental health services for a ‘personality disorder’ or ‘complex developmental trauma’?

Experiences categorised by the term ‘personality disorder’ are varied but may include those such as to:
  • Experience strong emotions that feel difficult to handle
  • Constantly feel up and down or feel empty
  • Feel spaced out, confused and unable to think straight
  • Have difficulties in forming and keeping relationships
  • Worry about people leaving
  • Have thoughts that life is not worth living
  • Have developed ways of coping that help in the short term such as drinking too much, taking drugs, binge eating or self-harming, but that lead to additional problems and difficulties over the long term
Black Country community mental health services are transforming

The mental health services that are available in the community to support people with emotional and psychological challenges are transforming. We will develop a new way of working and modernise community mental health services across the Black Country, taking into account the particular needs of service users in the four Black Country areas (Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton).

Our new way of working will focus on supporting people to live well in their communities.

If you could change things, what would you do? We want to know what you think so we can make positive change for our Black Country communities!

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* 2. What do you think is working well that we should keep doing?

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* 3. What would you suggest we do to make things better in the future?

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* 4. Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience that would help us to improve
our services?

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* 5. We would like to get as many people involved in the work we are doing as possible. Would you
consider becoming involved in helping make this change? There are two ways you can do this.
1. If you are comfortable doing so you can leave your contact details as part of this survey 2. You can email

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