Industrial Energy Transformation Fund

Help us to help you!

We are working with the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero to ensure that the next round of funding for the IETF includes connection to the Grid - including support to enable sites to draw enough power.
2.What is the name of your organisation?
3.Are you connected to the Electricity Grid?
4.If yes, can you draw enough power or are you restricted to low-energy activities such as office and site lighting?
5.If no, how far away from the Grid is your site?
6.If restricted, what base level of power supply would your require to electricity your operations? (KW/Amps)
7.If you are restricted or are not connected to the Grid, have you been quoted to connect or increase your supply? If yes, how much?
8.How much have your electricity prices gone up in the past 18 months (as a percentage)?