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Health Disparities / Inequalities are defined by NHS England as ‘Unfair and avoidable differences in health across the population, and between different groups within society’. This is an incredibly complex issue with many influencing factors such as ethnicity, deprivation, age, geography and gender. Medical research is a large, yet often underacknowledged part of achieving health equity, having significant potential to positively impact those affected by health disparities. In this form, we want to hear your perspective on the role of medical research in addressing health disparities, and where opportunities exist to further improve and support this.

In this form, we will ask you three substantive questions for our evidence collection (each response has a 700 word limit): 

1. In your view, what role does medical research have in addressing health disparities?

2. What challenges and barriers exist in putting research into practice to tackle health inequalities?

3. Please provide a summary of your activity on health disparities (impactful research examples, examples of good practice, organisational priorities etc.)

Responses can be edited until you submit on the final page.
The deadline for responses is 18.30, Friday 19 August 2022.
In addition to collecting evidence and your opinions, we will also ask you for some personal information such as what professional capacity you are providing evidence in, and what organisation (if any) you represent.
Results of this evidence collection will help in producing the inquiry report. By filling out this evidence form, you agree to your data being used in this way. If you wish to withdraw from the form, you can do so at any time and your answers will not be saved.
Your responses will be kept under the AMRC’s data policy which allows us to share aggregate data. We will seek your permission in cases where the organisation will be identifiable. If you have any questions on how your data is being used, please contact us (

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