Together for Sutton Information Network 5th June 2023

Families with Children, Risky & Harmful Behaviours & the impacts on Unpaid Carers

Thank you for coming along to the Together for Sutton (TfS) Information Network, it was great to see so many faces across our Sutton Teams.

Based on our third event, we are keen to know your thoughts in order to make it even better next time round. Please can you spare five minutes to complete this short survey to enable us to tailor future events.

Thanks, from all at the TfS team.
1.Did you find the TfS Information Network on 5th June 2023 useful?(Required.)
2.Would you attend future events?(Required.)
3.What part of the event was most useful for you?(Required.)
4.Do you feel you have an increased awareness of local services and best practice from the event?
5.We have been at the Salvation Army for the last two events now on a Monday afternoon, would you like to change the venue/time/day for the next event?(Required.)
6.Can you make any recommendations for future topics/themed events?(Required.)
7.Please tell us a little more about yourself. How do you identify?
8.Please tell us your age?
9.Which race/ethnicity best describes you?
10.Please do let us know if you have any other comments or feedback to support future events. Your feedback helps us to shape the way we move forward with our event.

Thank you once again for joining us at the TfS Information Network, we look forward to seeing you again next time.