Fisheries data survey

Achieving marine environmental goals in UK and EU waters will require engagement between sectors and across borders. Management measures to achieve environmental targets require data to provide evidence of environmental status.  The Celtic Seas Partnership (CSP) are developing a strategy to empower the fishing industry to collect data from commercial fishing vessels to contribute to relevant assessments of the marine environment.

While most agree that there are weaknesses in the assessment processes that could be solved with more or better data, and that the fleet of fishing vessels at sea presents an opportunity to collect additional data, realising the potential to join up ‘need’ and ‘capacity’ seems to frequently lose out in the detail.
Through completing this survey, you will help Cefas identify opportunities where need and capacity can be matched, and where this proves difficult, your feedback will help identify why the general opinion that ‘this is a good idea’ translates to ‘this is not feasible’ at the detailed level. We would be grateful if you could complete this questionnaire, your answers will enable us to identify the most useful data and the challenges the industry face when contributing to the assessment process.