Thank you for visiting our survey. The Horizon 2020 Gov4Nano project aims to establish the design and implementation of a future-proof Nano Risk Governance Model. The model will address the needs of stakeholders in the fast moving field of nanotechnology, including the ready availability of relevant data and information.

To meet our aims we are collecting views and opinions from data users and producers on data availability and sharing, and how these can be improved. How can barriers to data availability be lowered, and incentives for data sharing raised? 

The questionnaire takes 5 to 10 minutes. The information provided will contribute to improvements in the availability and sharing of Nano-Environment Health and Safety (NanoEHS) data to the user community. We want to hear from all data users and producers, whatever your role.

The questionnaire can be answered anonymously and all individual responses will be held confidentially and securely, for use only by the Gov4Nano project. Interested respondents can opt to provide a contact email to obtain further information on Gov4Nano’s ongoing work on data management and its implementation.

Gov4Nano has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research
and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement 814401.
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