Welcome to our thriving life questionnaire

All great journeys of change start with knowing where to focus. This is where the Grid Life Satisfaction Quiz can really help.

The quiz takes around 15 minutes to complete, and it will help you:
1. Identify where your key satisfaction comes from so you can really look after it well.
2. Reveal what you tend to prioritize the most, either from habit or need.
3. Understand the impact of your current choices – the unintended consequences of where you place your attention in life.
4. Pinpoint the specific improvements you desire.
5. Recognise the contribution of your existing support mechanisms to you being well and doing well.
6. Steer your life in a way that feels meaningful and satisfying.
7. Self-coach to identify immediate actions to improve on what is.

Download the worksheet
To record your responses for future reflection, we recommend you use our accompanying worksheet: LifeGridQuizPDF.

Enjoy the survey!
*Privacy note: The quiz is anonymous, and our data set is not shared with any third parties. We may use the information gathered to improve products and, by extension, lives. The aggregate research data is also useful in creating research-based figures for our articles and/or in our trainings.