Have Your Say!

A group of committed volunteers, supported by the Town Council, are working to create a Neighbourhood Plan for Halesworth.

Our Plan will allow us to work together to say where we think new houses, businesses and shops should go and what they should look like. It will identify what new
facilities we need such as community resources or play areas. It can influence
how the town can deal with issues like flooding.

The Halesworth Neighbourhood Plan will have statutory weight and status: it
must be taken into consideration when future planning decisions are made. It cannot prevent potential developments already set out in the Local Plan but it can
influence them.

Our Plan is being created by the Community for the Community. The voices of
local residents must be heard as we develop our Plan. Government has outlined a formal process that we have to follow; showing how we have consulted you. So,
over the next few months, we will be asking you lots of questions: at focus
groups, meetings and in further questionnaires. Finally, you will be able to vote in a local referendum to state if you agree with the Halesworth Neighbourhood Plan.
This questionnaire is the starting point. We need to know what matters most to
you about our town.

To find out more about Neighbourhood Planning, please follow this link:
Neighbourhood Planning

Question Title

* 1. What do you like most about living in
(this could be things like green spaces,
facilities like the library, the mix of shops)

Question Title

* 2. What could be improved?

Question Title

* 3. What are the 3 things you would like to see in the town in the next few years