Are you as Lean as you think you are?

Are you, like many organisations, on a journey to adopt Lean, its philosophy, its ways of working and its tools and techniques? How far are you along the journey? How do you compare to other businesses and how well do you think your business is doing? Are you doing the right things and are you doing them well enough? These questions can be difficult to answer but would give invaluable insight into just how effective and sustainable our Lean approach is.

However, help is at hand in the shape of Bourton Group’s simple Lean Assessment Tool. You may think that you operate a truly Lean organisation based on an effective and sustainable deployment. However, we challenge you to take our Lean assessment to see just how Lean you really are!

Our Lean assessment has been designed to be quick and easy to use.  It asks you to score your organisation against ten key characteristics that we believe are fundamental to operating as a successful and sustainable Lean organisation.

Please be honest and match your score with what best describes your organisation, your people and your processes.

Our assessment uses a quantitative scoring method to determine how far down the Lean path your organisation is. Our questions will help you to understand how integrated the application of improvement tools and techniques are within your business and highlight opportunities for continuous improvement.

What happens next?

We will send you your assessment results and a FREE copy of a leadership and Self-Empowerment book free of charge*. We will then offer you a chance to have a short, confidential discussion with one of our team of expert Lean Practitioners about your assessment and what implications and potential outcomes it suggests.  

The following document provides a brief description of ten key Lean characteristics each with four levels of maturity. 
*Free book for UK only