Our Corporate Parenting Plan

Over the next three years we are going to be doing our best to make the Hearings System feel better and make it more personalised. 

We want to tell you about your options and what your choices are – for the room, for ways to participate, and how things run etc. 

We want to ask you what would help so that when you come in for a Hearing we know what you need and will do our best to make it happen.

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* 1. What actions would you like to see SCRA make as a Corporate Parent in 2020-2023?

For example - What would you like to see in your Hearing room?  How would you like to get your thoughts and views over to the Hearing?  What would help you to feel more comfortable in your Hearing?

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* 2. What changes/improvements would you make to the Children’s Hearings System?  This is not just about attending your Children’s Hearing, this is about your experience as a whole.

For example – Would you like an advocate to support you? – Would you like to see more of your Social Worker? – Would you like alternative ways to communicate your views and what would these be? – Would you like to meet with the Reporter before or after your Hearing? – Would you like Panel Members to speak to you on your own?

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* 3. Any other suggestions for including in our Corporate Parenting Plan 2020-2023?

For example – Is there anything that you would like to see happen in your local area? – Would you like to attend Pre-Hearing visits?

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* 4. Any other comments?