Consultation introduction

Background to the CSRH curriculum Review

The General Medical Council (GMC), in its 2017 report Excellence by Design has stated that the curricula for all medical specialties must be revised by 2020.

2020 CSRH Specialty Curriculum
The FSRH are revising the CSRH curriculum, and although, much of the current clinical content will be the same, it will, however, be described, packaged and assessed differently, in order to:
  • Incorporate the new Generic Professional Capabilities Framework
  • describe generic, shared and specialty-specific outcomes
  • streamline the granular “tick box” approach to assessing competencies
  • emphasise the knowledge, skills and attitudes that can be applied to a wide range of circumstances.
The deadline for completing this survey is Tuesday 24 March, 2020

Your feedback will form part of the Faculty’s evidence submission to the GMC and is a requirement by the GMC to ensure that all stakeholders and interested groups have been fully consulted on the proposals.

As the CSRH specialty is a small specialty, it is important that we received a high completion rate for this survey to ensure we can evidence engagement with full representation from our stakeholders.

For more information about how your data will be used and for a copy of the privacy statement, please see FSRH Privacy Policy