We are planning a Phase 2 of Under One Roof (UOR). To shape the project and to confirm to funders how useful the website / project is, we need to know

· how you use UOR and

· what you most value about the website/ project.

Please give us your PERSONAL views and experiences and please feel free to pass this survey on to colleagues/ friends as you think appropriate.

To help us identify any duplicate responses:

· If you are an owner, if you are happy to do so, give your house number and postcode.

· If you are a professional, we’ll ask you to identify the organisation you work for.


All the information given will be treated as confidential and anonymous. We may quote from comments you make but these will only ever be attributed to "An owner" or "A local authority officer" etc.

Question Title

* 1. Please start off by telling us what your role is so we can direct you to the most appropriate questions for you.