Sewing classes and workshops


We're so glad you contacted us about sewing classes and workshops in Bristol and the Chew Valley. 

We'd love to hear more about the kinds of things you'd like to see us provide so that we can tailor our schedule to best meet people's needs.

Please complete this short survey and then we'll come back to you with our ideas!

Rachel and Sarah
In Stitches
1.What level of sewing experience would you say you have?
2.What kind of sewing classes would you be most interested in?  Tick all that apply
3.How would you like your Handmade Happiness served?  Tick all that apply
4.What days of the week would you prefer?  Tick all that apply
5.What time of day works best for you?  Tick all that apply
6.Where do you live?
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Thank you so much for giving us your feedback.  We'll be in touch soon with further updates!

Rachel and Sarah x