(This page is customised for people of colour only.  White people, instead please see the questionnaire for white people, with some different questions.)

It's fine to skip questions. We could just have asked one open question, "what do you think?" - but we know that having questions to bounce off is helpful to some people.

If you would like a chat or a reply, please send us an email, or include your email address in one of the answers.

Thanks for taking the time & energy to talk to us!

Jennifer, Titi and Asha

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* 1. This first question will give us a snapshot measure of how BiCon is doing.

Suppose that at BiCon or in an online BiCon space, you wanted to point out an issue related to racism. At the moment, how high would be your trust that your input would be listened to and acted upon?

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* 2. What's the most recent BiCon you've been to, if any?

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* 3. Open-ended question...  Anything you want to say to us from personal experience & thoughts? 

(Only if you want to - and don't feel you have to repeat things already flagged up by Bi's of Colour.)

This could be about racism at BiCon - something which happened to you, something you witnessed, or an overall pattern.

It could be something else which affected your experience as a person of colour at BiCon, or how you feel about BiCon overall


Note:  If you want to describe behaviour of a named person, we would keep that confidential.

If you would like a reply, please feel free to email instead, or add your email address here so we can get back to you.

(We would always aim to reply to you if you wanted a reply;  there are some limits to what we'd say in public about individuals, partly due to legal considerations.)

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* 4. If you told us something from personal experience, is it OK to quote that?  in the write-up of this review?

(For example, we realise that sometimes, you might have described an interaction which other people might recognise, and you might not want that shared where they could later read it.)

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* 5. Any feedback on recent efforts to make BiCon less racist? 

(Overview of what's been done recently.)

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* 6. Looking ahead to the coming year:
Any thoughts on what's most important for BiCon people to do next, or keep doing, to be less racist or generally better for PoC?

(Practical suggestions or general areas both welcome)

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* 7. Any advice for future BiCon organisers?

(Practical suggestions would be particularly welcome)

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* 8. Any thoughts on how BiCon or white bi people can give support to Bis of Colour (the organisation) or to individual bi people of colour, aside from making BiCon itself better? Money donations is an obvious one - anything else?

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* 9. Any advice for us on the running of the meeting to review all this stuff?

- Which topics would you most like us to report on, or focus on?

- Any advice for us on how the meeting should be run, who should speak, etc?

- Anything about access?

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* 10. Anything else you want to tell us?

Thanks for your input!