Can you lend a hand as a Kirkby community volunteer?
To mark King Charles’ Coronation, thousands of organisations across the country are getting together as part of a national Big Help Out campaign in their own communities.

On Monday 8th May, Kirkby Community Centre will be hosting a Volunteering Day as part of the Big Help Out campaign.

Volunteers can help to tidy/improve the Community Centre grounds and areas around the village.

For example:-          
·         Collect waste from Community Centre grounds into a skip
·         Re-plant existing flower beds around the village
·         Carry out a litter pick around the village
·         You can also make a volunteer suggestion below 

How will Volunteering Day work?
·         1200 start at the Community Centre to allocate volunteering tasks
·         Volunteers carry out tasks (as individuals, families or small teams)
·         1500 finish at the Community Centre for tea/coffee and biscuits and reflection on a successful day
Please help Kirkby Community Centre to make a difference. 
Jim Field
On behalf of the Kirkby Community Centre Volunteering Day organising team

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* 1. If you would like to volunteer, please add your name and contact details (email and or mobile number) below.

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* 2. If you have any suggestions for Volunteering tasks, please add below.  However, please consider if the task can be achieved in 2 to 3 hours by an individual or a small team.

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* 3. If you have any questions regarding Kirkby Community Centre's Volunteering Day, please add below.