Youth Policy

The EU Youth Strategy (2010-2018) advances and develops youth policies in 8 Key-Areas: Education & Training; Employment & Entrepreneurship; Health & Well-being; Participation; Voluntary activities; Social inclusion; Youth & the World; Creativity & Culture.
This survey asks you as citizens to indicate how important these different areas of EU Youth policy are to you. 

Why is assigning a value to Youth's Key Areas relevant?

No youth policy is effective without a direct investigation of young people's needs and opinions. Since the EU Youth Strategy has a powerful impact on young European citizens, you should have a stake in its development, ameliorating and improving youth policies addressed to you. Nurturing a knowledge on EU Youth Policies and mechanisms may also empower you to discuss how these youth fields should be better tackled by your own local authorities.

Question Title

* 1. You have 100 votes to give to the eight EU policy key areas. Give each of them a score - your answers should add up to 100

Question Title

* 2. Which other policy areas for young people should be included in the EU list?