This survey is for Children and Young People who may receive have extra support for their Special Educational Needs (SEN).

We want to know how helpful your support is to you, to help improve things for you and other children and young people who need support.

The answers may be used by the Knowsley SEND Team and you have the option of keeping your answers anonymous or providing your contact details if you wish to discuss any issues with a member of the team.

The answers will be used to help improve the way that we provide SEN support for all Knowsley Children & Young People who require them.

If you need help to answer the questions you can ask a member of staff, a friend or family member to help you.

If you are under the age of 16, You must have agreement from your parent or guardian to complete this questionnaire.

Your voice matters and will make a big difference to how Knowsley Council can help you in future. 

Question Title


Question Title

* 1. Are you 16+ or have permission from your parent/carer to complete this survey?