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Women in BIM (WIB) are conducting one of the first global surveys of how roles across both BIM and the digital built environment are evolving. We are collecting information about how jobs are structured and titled in relation to the work that practitioners are doing, and how this work is remunerated with a particular focus on digital and tech based jobs. WIB will use the data you provide to make comparisons across global regions, gender, qualification and experience to ascertain whether there is a structural classification of these types of roles and whether or not regional disparities exist.  This will enable global industry leaders and organisations to think strategically about the sector, and whether career structures are appropriate, roles and responsibilities are clear, and whether any pay gaps exist.

The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
The information you provide to us will be confidential and will remain totally anonymous. We are not collecting information that could identify you or your organisation. Anonymised findings will be published in a Women In BIM report later this year.  This report will be available in the ‘Reports’ section of our website.  Overall findings may also be shared with industry organisations who play a crucial role in developing how digital roles are organised and structured.
If you have any questions about the survey, please email
If you are happy to proceed with the survey and for your anonymous responses to be included in data analysis, please click 'NEXT'....
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