IN FOCUS Chester Neurotherapy Centre

Using photography as a way to improve wellbeing as we use images to explore the world around us

In Focus will be run at Chester Neurotherapy Centre by Creative Facilitator and Therapeutic Photographer, Jill Whittingham.  Your help with our survey will support us in our application for funding to make this happen. Thank you for your time in completing this survey.  

In Focus will be one session a week for eight weeks and will offer the following
* Using photography to explore the world around us and our experience of it
* Using photography to explore wellbeing tools
* Making connections, new friendships 
* Being around others with shared life experience
* Learning a new skill or developing one already there, increasing confidence and self esteem
* Working towards a goal for the end of the group, to be decided by the participants 
* A chance to take part in something different and stimulating!
1.What is you first name?
2.How interested are you in learning new ways to improve your wellbeing?
3.This group will be in person at the Chester Neurotherapy Centre.  How important to you is it to have opportunities for in person activities (rather than online, zoom etc)?
4.How helpful is it to you that the group will be made up of people who may be having similar current life challenges and experiences?
5.What is your level of photography experience (bearing in mind the group is open to ALL levels).  Please tick.
6.How important is to you to improve your self esteem and confidence?
7.How likely are you to attend this group?
8.What would you hope to gain from this group, in three words?