Welcome to the survey

Thanks for clicking the link and agreeing to take part in this survey! It takes just a few minutes. 
What's the survey about?
The survey is provided by Centre for Mental Health, an independent charity. The answers you give will help us find out how the Student Space website can be made better for young people.

We want to know a bit about:

- How you are feeling
- What parts of the website you have looked at 
- Whether you have found Student Space helpful
We will also ask you to tell us a little bit about you and if you want to take part in further surveys.
What will happen to my answers?
- We put all the information together from all the students taking part in the survey.
- Your answers to the survey questions will only be seen by the Centre for Mental Health Research Team
- We will never quote you directly and never mention your name in any report we write.
- All the information you give will be deleted/destroyed at the end of our evaluation (in about a year's time)

Thanks again for taking part! 
Ok, let's start the survey...

Question Title

* 1. Why did you visit Student Space today? Tick all the below statements which apply to you

Question Title

* 2. Which bits of the Student Space website did you visit today? Tick all the below which apply

Question Title

* 3. Did you find your visit to Student Space today helpful? Tick one of the options below