Providing home delivery of free period products in Highland in partnership with Hey Girls

The Highland Council, with support from the Scottish Government, is working with the social enterprise Hey Girls to provide a home delivery service to provide free period products in the Highland area.
This is in addition to the many community pick-up points for free period products across Highland. Please visit to find out where products are available.
This service is only available to Highland residents who cannot reasonably easily pick up products in the community or in schools, for example due to living rurally, for health reasons, isolation or cultural reasons. You can also use the service to order reusable products regardless of your circumstances.
By proceeding, I confirm that:
  • I would like to access free reusable period products (menstrual cups or reusable pads); OR
  • I am unable to obtain free disposable period products (single-use pads and tampons) offered by my local authority reasonably easily, and that no one else is able to do so on my behalf.
Please answer the questions below to receive 6 months’ worth of period products. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for supplies to be dispatched by Hey Girls and be aware that you can only order once every four months to ensure fair usage of the service.

To ensure we keep accurate data the form is on a per person basis. If there are multiple people in a household who require products, please complete a different form for each person.

If you need to order more than is available for a 6-month period, for example for medical reasons, please contact us at
Please select up to two packs from the list below - you can only select up to one disposable bundle and up to one reusable bundle.
Please be advised that the bundles below may occasionally change dependant on stock restrictions.
The substitutions will always be for a product of the same purpose.

Question Title

* 1. Disposable bundles
Please select one option.

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* 2. Reusable bundles
Please only select one option.
To learn more about reusable period products please see links at the bottom of the form.

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* 3. Please provide the following contact information in order to receive your Hey Girls period pack.
Please note that we aim to get your products delivered to you as quickly as possible but these may take up to 6-8 weeks.

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* 4. Please select your age bracket from the following options.

Hey Girls is an award-winning social enterprise, producing environmentally-friendly period products that fund the fight to end period poverty in the UK. To find out more about Hey Girls please visit

If you would like to learn about using and looking after reusable period products check out these Hey Girls resources:

-          Menstrual cup guide:
-          Reusable pads guide:
-          Hey Girls YouTube Channel:

Hey Girls will distribute products on behalf of The Highland Council. You can find more information about what The Highland Council will do with your information here:

The Highland Council Privacy Notice
Period Products Home Delivery Service