This consultation is seeking your views on proposed highway improvements on Little Ealing Lane between Radbourne Avenue and Weymouth Avenue.

The proposal aims to improve road safety for cyclists and pedestrians by introducing speed reducing measures, a new shared zebra crossing for pedestrians and cyclists, relocating existing zebra crossing  and an off-road cycle track. These changes will particularly help improve safety for local schools, and the numerous cyclists using this route.   
The proposals are principally aimed at students of both schools in the vicinity of the proposal:   Mount Carmel and Little Ealing Primary Schools, as well as cyclists regularly traversing the route. However other road users, including the residents of Little Ealing Lane and the area will also benefit from this scheme.

The Council would like to know your views in order to ensure that the measures proposed are appropriate.

The closing date for this consultation is Friday 11th March 2016.

Thank you for your time.
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