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Stop debt ruining lives - have your say!

If you are experiencing debt problems right now you are not alone. 

Even before the pandemic more and more of us were struggling with debts, and Covid-19 has pushed many in the UK over the edge.

Family and friends are facing huge bills for council tax, utilities and rent, over 8.5 million people are now heavily in debt, that’s 1 in 6 in the UK. 

It’s not surprising debts have shot up in the pandemic, but people shouldn’t have to cope without support.  And people in debt should be able to tell their story about how they are being affected.

That’s why we want to hear what you think should be done about debt. We’ve organised a nationwide survey where people can have their say. 
This survey is being run as part of the Together Against Debt project of Jubilee Debt Campaign and Centre for Responsible Credit. Any personal information you give will not be shared with anyone else, although we may present the findings of the survey with responses anonymised.
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