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This survey is being run by Eunomia Research & Consulting as the Secretariat of the East of England Plastics Coalition (EEPC).

Formed in 2019, the EEPC is a collaborative enterprise which has the ambitious goal to rid the East of England of plastics pollution by 2030. As one of its priority areas, the EEPC aims to tackle items that contain plastic and are commonly but incorrectly flushed down the toilet (“unflushables”), such as some sanitary products, wet wipes, condoms, contact lenses and disposable nappies.

Two statistics that highlight this issue are shown below:
  • An average pack of sanitary pads contains the equivalent of five plastic shopping bags (City to Sea).
  • 41% of users are still flushing tampons down the toilet – an average tampon contains 10% plastic (Anglian Water and Mumsnet Survey).

This survey aims to find out levels of awareness and engagement in schools around reusable period products. The aim is to find out how many schools are aware of the Period product scheme for schools and colleges in England run by the Government, how many are making use of the scheme, and how many are ordering the environmentally friendly and reusable period pads as alternatives to the traditional pads. The survey also seeks to assess whether the issue of unflushables in general, and environmentally friendly period products in particular, are being included in school curriculums e.g. in PSHE classes.

This survey has 15 questions and should take roughly 5-10 mins to complete.
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