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This survey aims to take a snapshot of how financial pressures are affecting news reporting. We will use this information to analyse how money shapes what gets reported – and what doesn't – and to advocate for better protections and freedoms for journalists who have important stories to tell.

Your responses will be anonymous, and this survey has been designed so that openDemocracy cannot have access to your IP address or geolocation. The information you provide will be stored on encrypted servers and is the property of openDemocracy. We will treat any documents you may attach in strict confidence, unless otherwise stated.

It would be very helpful to our research if we could contact or quote you; if you are comfortable with this, do include your contact details. If you would rather communicate anonymously you can do so by emailing openmedia@opendemocracy.net, PGP fingerprint: 665E EBD6 3CF6 D734 CE4D 5497 39A4 7083 6EC8 8D30. There is no obligation to provide any contact information.

You can choose to take the survey with your current work in mind, a former role, or a combination of different roles over the past five years. Just let us know. Your opinion is just as important to us whether you are a freelancer or hold a staff position.

openDemocracy is subject to data protection legislation in the United Kingdom, our legal and financial jurisdiction.

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