We’re so pleased you're interested in joining the MadeForMums Top Testers Club!

The Top Tester Club is a community of UK-resident parents and parents-to-be, sharing product recommendations with each other and collaborating with the MadeForMums team to test and review products – so that other families can make great product choices.

Top Testers Club members are regularly offered free products to test, prize giveaways and opportunities to feature in exciting advertising campaigns with our partners. We encourage all our members to ask for and share product recommendations, and we’ll be regularly tapping into your pregnancy and parenting know-how for specific insight and best-buy advice on family purchases with the possibility of publishing it on MadeForMums. 
To join this group, we're asking you to:
  • be a registered member of MadeForMums (if you're not already, you can register here)
  • have fully completed this survey

What's in this survey...
  • Lots of questions so we can match products according to the age of your children, your pregnancy due date, your experiences and other details
  • We'll ask you to write a very short review (under 100 words) of a pregnancy or parenting product you've used
  • We'll ask you, at the end of this survey, to confirm that, if you are chosen to test a product, you will provide the requested feedback and (if required) pictures of the product being tested. WE CANNOT ADMIT YOU TO THE TOP TESTERS CLUB IF YOU HAVEN'T PROPERLY COMPLETED THESE 7 QUESTIONS AT THE END OF SURVEY.
Please note:
  • We're only able to accept applications from people who live in the UK.
  • You will be asked in the survey for permission to share your name, address and phone number with the company who will despatch any product you are asked to test.
  • You will be asked in the survey to say you understand that if you are selected to test a product, you must provide the feedback required in order to be able to keep the product.
  • Throughout this survey, we will be asking you to provide information about yourself, your child(ren) and your wider family. Some of this information will relate to the health, ethnic background and socio-economic status of your family. By completing this survey, you agree that we (Immediate Media Company London Limited, publishers of MadeForMums) may handle this data in according with our Privacy Policy to decide which products may be appropriate for you to test. You can also read our terms and conditions for taking part in our Top Testers Club Product Tests.
Thank you and we're looking forward to you joining the club

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