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About this survey
This survey is a simplified version of the in-depth survey (add hyperlink if you can) and has been created to make it easier to support the development of the draft Wales Guidance on best practice in Service User and Carer Engagement.

We want everyone to take part in this consultation including professionals, people with lived experience, friends family members and carers. 

We start the survey by asking you about yourself; are you responding as an organisation, an individual or a department or group within an organisation. 

It is really helpful if you can provide your name and job role.  All information will be securely kept inline with our data protection policy which you can read here.

We also understand if you don’t want to provide your name or job role.

If you get stuck please contact the Practice Solutions team, who are supporting the forum. You can email or call 01443 808060 / 07563 928694.
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