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Round 2 Questionnaire: Expert Consultation

-------Please complete this survey before 28th May 2021-------
We are seeking your continued opinion in a priority setting exercise which aims to identify and prioritise evidence-based solutions (such as new/adapted interventions or service delivery models) in mental health care that meet system/patient needs and are ready for implementation.

Some of you may have participated in the first round of this project, for which we are very grateful. During the first round you have helped us generate a list of needs (some unmet) together with identifying possible solutions. This time we require you to rate each solution based on how well they meet a series of objectives derived from the priorities set by the NIHR priority network.

This will take 10 minutes of your time. We are also asking you to inform us of any specific implementation examples in each area.
INSTRUCTIONS: Please select your response on the following pages, where you are asked to score the extent to which each solution meets each of five objectives. There may be cases where you do not feel informed enough to answer a question. In all such cases, please choose the option ‘don’t know’.

There may be solutions that you do not feel sufficiently informed to comment on, in which please skip to the next one. 

You will be also be able, at the end of the questionnaire, to help us to weigh those criteria.

Explanation of the objectives to be used for scoring: 
1. Alignment with national priorities: How well is each of the solution aligned with health and care priorities identified nationally in the NHS Long-term Plan. 

2. Clinical effectiveness: Is there evidence that potential solutions deliver improved outcomes for health, wellbeing and social care, patient safety, patient experience, and/or service delivery?

3. Inequalities: Does the solution contribute to addressing inequalities in health and social care and/or improve access to care in hard-to-reach groups?

4. Public patient involvement and engagement: Have patients been involved in the identification of the need or the design, development or implementation of the solution?

5. Feasibility of implementation: Can the solution be successfully implemented and used within the NHS and social care system?

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* 1. What is your name?

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* 2. Select the organisation which best reflects your affiliation? (if applicable)

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* 4. What is your current role in the organisation? (if applicable)

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* 5. In the box below, please provide your email address.

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* 7. How much weight would you give to each of the 5 objectives?
You may feel that some of these five objectives are more important to achieve than others, so please provide  numerical weights to them.

[Distribute a total of 100 points between the 5 objectives, with a higher number indicating more weight]

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* 8. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

If you require additional information before you could complete this survey. Please write to Dr Shalini Ahuja and/or Ms Christine McDonald

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