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About MRL. The Museums and Resilient Leadership Programme is a unique course designed to develop you as a new kind of cultural sector professional.  The Programme draws on a wealth of knowledge and insight about leadership in the cultural, commercial and political spheres.  It puts this learning at your disposal to help you become a leader for the 21st Century, resilient and entrepreneurial. MRL commences at 11.30 a.m. on May 10, 2017 and concludes at 3 p.m. on Friday, March 16, 2018.  Between those two moments you will participate in a highly innovative, discovery driven, learning process which includes two 3 day residentials, 8 interactive workshops, a number of site visits, an overseas study visit and 3 one-to-one mentorials with your personal MRL mentor.  14 places are available; if you work in an arts or heritage organisation in England you are eligible to apply.

Commitment and Process. You are required to attend all 8 workshops and the 2 retreats. If you apply for MRL we expect you to make this commitment and to have discussed it with the appropriate individuals in your organisation. Apart from the residentials, all workshops run on a Friday; you should review the Programme dates on the website before making an application. Also, you will undertake a personally researched Overseas Study Visit between July and September, 2017. Again, make sure you can make the time commitment during the summer period. If you are successful in March 2017 we will ask you to immediately start planning your trip. MRL will fund all of your travel costs, both overseas and in the UK, up to a limit of £1,500.
Evaluation. Each MRL event is evaluated. We use the evaluations as part of the reporting process for Arts Council England and to adapt and improve the Programme as the year progresses. At the end of your MRL year you receive all of your evaluation responses in a single document, as a record of your work and your response to the opportunity of the Programme.

Application Questionnaire - Answers to FAQs and Advice
The questionnaire is confidential. If you wish you can discuss MRL with the Programme Directors or with MRL alumni. Contact Jo Turner (BCLM administrator for MRL) Jo.Turner@bclm.com if you wish to do this. Before completing the questionnaire online: 1) go to the MRL website and read or review each page 2) go through the questionnaire, also page by page 3) prepare your 100 word statements separately e.g. in Word - cut and paste these into the application questionnaire.

Completing the Questionnaire - Always Recheck Your Answers BEFORE Submission
We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer not a tablet device. If you wish to amend an answer don't worry, the questionnaire is setup on the Survey Monkey system to allow you to return to it at any time before submission. Use the 'Exit this survey' button (top right on each page) and then return using the weblink. Survey Monkey will recognise  your IP address; therefore you should return to the Survey from the same location.  If you have any doubts about this Exit-Return procedure - test it - before you fill in any information.  Once you hit the 'Submit' button at the end, that's final. The system will acknowledge the submission and you will get a confirmation email several days later from BCLM. The Directors will review your application during February 2017.  You will be informed whether you have been successful or unsuccessful.