1. Community and Patient Engagement... learning from each other

Across Solent NHS Trust, services listen to, engage and work in partnership with people (patients, service users, carers, community partners etc) in various ways to help learn and improve. The aim of this survey is to find out about the different types of engagement and partnership work that is happening across the Trust and the areas that would like to get involved/ have more support. This will help us to share learning from each other, produce case studies and to spread the adoption of this type of working across our services. 

We'd love to hear from you about your involvement/ engagement activity. You may not do much, or would like to do more - if so, let us know how we can help. Alternatively, if you already engage with people who access your service in any way, or with community organisations/ colleagues, we would love to hear about what you do. It can be any sort of activity, from using feedback for improvement to a fully co-designed service pathway. Please share your stories, or ask your patients and partners to.

Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey, or contact Carl.Adams@solent.nhs.uk to tell us your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Many thanks.

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