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This survey is intended to seek your views and comments on the development of such a network, its priorities and what it should look like.  We would also like to receive your expression of interest to be part of this network.  

Taking part in the survey will take up to 15 minutes to complete depending on how much you have to tell us. You cannot be identified when all the answers are collected unless you voluntarily give us your contact details. All information which is collected about you during the survey will be kept on a password protected database held by Cochrane (www.cochrane.org), for a period of two years and is strictly confidential.

You can change any of your answers until the moment you click “submit/send” when the results will be sent to us.

We will be analysing the results which will be found on our respective websites and sent to people who give us their email.  It is our hope to announce the results at the forthcoming Global Evidence Summit in Cape Town (http://www.globalevidencesummit.org) and launch the new network at the INVOLVE conference in the UK in November 2017 (www.invo.org.uk).

If you are aware of other national or international PPI organisations that might be interested in being part of this network, please do feel free to send them the link to this survey.

 If you have any questions relating to the survey or the international network please contact Richard Morley by emailing rmorley@cochrane.org. Richard will respond on behalf of the team.

Heather Bagley, COMET
Simon Denegri, NIHR
Gary Hickey, INVOLVE
Richard Morley, Cochrane
Sophie Staniszewska, Warwick University and Research Involvement and Engagement Journal
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