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Welcome to MeetInWales, the organisation tasked with promoting Wales as one of the world’s most exciting destinations for meetings, incentives, team building, events, and conferences.
MeetInWales is part of Event Wales, the team within the Welsh government responsible for developing and promoting events and using them to bring more people into our country.
Business events are big business, and highly lucrative. They bring with them high volumes of business travellers, they support tourism businesses of every kind but, unlike conventional tourism, are not seasonal.
In short, they (and MeetInWales) can really support your business.
Attracting any kind of event to a destination is a collaborative enterprise. It’s about showcasing the best of every restaurant, bar, hotel, conference centre, coffee shop, adventure and cultural experience there is.
This survey is about getting to know as many of these businesses as possible, finding out what they do, where the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities are, and seeing how we can bring our collective knowledge together to showcase the very best of Wales.
We really would welcome your views. So, if you could spend a few minutes completing our online survey, we’d be very grateful.
It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes and most probably less.
Thanks for your time. Diolch o galon.

Please answer the following questions to help us gain an understanding of the current level of involvement your organisation has in the business events sector.

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* 1. Where is your organisation based?

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* 2. What best describes the type of organisation you work for?

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