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Welcome to this survey carried out by STRI on behalf of UEFA and the European Golf Association (EGA)

The European Commission has put forward a new Sustainable Use Regulation (SUR) governing the use of Plant Protection Products (PPPs). In its current form, this new regulation would mean that PPPs, including fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators, would be withdrawn from use for those managing "sensitive areas" which would include all sports turf.
STRI has been commissioned by UEFA and the EGA to put together an impact assessment on how the removal of PPPs would affect sports facilities. We are looking to collect data to understand:
·         How much and what types of PPPs are used across the EU and at different levels of sport?
·         The awareness of Integrated Turf Management (ITM) and how this is being implemented?
·         The impact of the withdrawal of PPPs on turf management, facility operation and finances/budget.
This is a vital opportunity for individual sports facilities to put forward the efforts they are making to use ITM based approaches, reduce PPP use and, most importantly, to identify the impacts (turf, operational, financial, and social) to their facility. Please answer all questions on the basis that the SUR will be enacted in its current form and that PPPs will no longer be available in the near future.
Where PPP is used in the following questions, this means all authorised products in the following categories:
·         Fungicides
·         Herbicides
·         Insecticides
·         Nematicides
·         Plant growth regulators
The questionnaire should take approximately 10 minutes to complete, and you will require information on your PPP usage.
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