FTA World Championships 2023

1.Rate your overall experience attending the World Champs out of 10 - with 1 being Poor and 10 being Excellent
2.What was one thing about the event that stood out for you that was positive or you really liked?
3.What was one thing that stood out to you that needs improvement?
4.Did you like the choice of music played by DJ Skappa?
5.Would you change the music next year?
6.Was the event too long, too short or just right length?
7.How often did you look at the replay screen?
8.Rate Greg Roe’s MC performance out of 10, with 1 being poor and 10 being excellent
9.If the FTA extended the event to 3 days next year with other competitive categories, would you consider coming?
10.Overall, please explain if you would you recommend the event to a friend, if you thought the ticket prices were fair and if you liked the addition of the BERG half-time show?