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Tell us your thoughts on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan!

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group would like your thoughts on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. 

This consultation will be open for 8 weeks from 25th September to 20th November 2023.

To try and ensure everyone can have their say, we will be asking for comments online, in paper format, or you can come along in person to our Neighbourhood Plan drop-in event on Monday 9th October in the village hall and give us your opinions there.

The Neighbourhood Plan, supporting documents and comment form can be found on the Parish website at this address:
Hard copies of the Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents can be viewed at 81 Lower Street, Noak Bridge, Essex, SS15 4BD, or by appointment at the Village Hall.
We would be grateful if you could take the time to provide us with your comments. Even if it is only to say that you approve, we would value your feedback. 

Equally, if you would like to see changes to the Plan, please let us know. We will publish a list of anonymised responses and all of the changes and actions we have taken as a result for you to see, once the consultation closes.
It is essential that we show an independent Examiner, what the needs of the community are through your responses.
If you would prefer a paper copy of the comment form, please get in touch via email or telephone ( / 01268 288766) and we can provide you with a printed copy. 

Completed comment forms can be emailed to us at the above email address or dropped off / posted to the Steering Group at the following address:
Noak Bridge Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
c/o 81 Lower Street, Noak Bridge, Essex, SS15 4BD
Any questions?
Please email us on:
We are grateful for any feedback you can provide. Your support is essential for a positive Plan for our area.
Confidentiality and Data Protection Statement:
PLEASE NOTE: Your personal details will not be published as part of the consultation response. Communication regarding progress of the Plan and amendments to be made will be publicised. No individual responses will be given. Both Noak Bridge Parish Council (as the qualifying body for the Plan) and the Noak Bridge Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have a duty to protect personal information and will process personal data in accordance the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  The personal data you provide on this form will only be used for the purpose of the Noak Bridge Neighbourhood Plan. The data will be stored on computer and/or manual files. This data will be passed on to Basildon Council for the Regulation 16 Consultation.
Whether replying by email or via this form, your personal details will not be published or shared with anyone. However, if you prefer to comment without identifying yourself you can but your comments will not be taken into account unless your postcode (if you are an individual) or organisation name (if you are not an individual) are included.  Please make clear which policy, figure, paragraph and/or page number you are commenting on.

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* 6. Please include the page / policy / figure / paragraph number to which you are referring in your comments below

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Your input will be treated in confidence and your anonymity will be preserved.
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