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The National Association for Local Councils (NALC) launched their Diversity Commission in February 2017 to undertake an assessment of the diversity of people who are local councillors as well as the diversity of representatives of county associations involved in the governance of county associations and NALC. The Diversity Commission will be making recommendations for action and change needed in order to address these findings.

With over 80,000 councillors in local councils it is important that the issue of diversity is brought to the forefront, addressed and overcome to ensure full representation of the electorate within our sector with councillors reflecting the communities and people they represent.

Increasing diversity in the public sector is paramount for a sector which strives to promote equality and is particularly pertinent to local councils given their role at the forefront of community representation, service delivery and partnership working. The Equality Act 2006 and subsequent Equality and Human Rights Commission 2007 are in place to challenge discrimination and promote equality of opportunity.

Through the creation of a Diversity Commission NALC can implement processes and be accountable in relation to the promotion of diversity within its councils and at a county and national level. This is an issue which has consistently been raised by councils and councillors at NALC meetings and events and is strategic priority in NALC’s work programme.

It is vital that the Diversity Commission collects evidence from local councils in order to tackle the issues that are affecting them. By responding to this document you will be helping the Commission understand how local councils have been engaging with their communities and what needs to be done on a national level to help them.

The questions set out below are intended to provide a framework for those who wish to offer their views. You do not need to answer all of these questions.

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* 1. What work have you conducted to appeal to a more diverse audience and has it worked?

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* 2. What other ways could council appeal to a more diverse audience?

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* 3. What could NALC and the Diversity Commission do to help your council encourage a more diverse audience in your council?

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* 4. What benefits and challenges will a diverse council bring to your community?